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How To Groom An American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit

How to groom an American Fuzzy Lop rabbit? It’s not as hard as you think. Regarding pet grooming, rabbits have their specialized way of handling things. Pet owners should be ready to care for their fuzzy lops because of the grooming process. You have to be careful with how you groom your fuzzy lop. They are fragile creatures. So how do you groom your American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit?

Grooming your American Fuzzy lop entails a small number of tasks. The grooming process includes brushing, combing, manicuring, and cleaning. These are the main aspects of the entire grooming process, and it would be best if completed once every week.

This article aims at helping pet owners and potential pet owners understand how they can groom their American Fuzzy lops in the comfort of their homes. Not only that, but also not at the expense of your beloved pet. Keep reading if you want to help with how you can care for your pet rabbit.

How To Care For Your American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit’s Coat

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According to the highly recommended book by Marinell Harriman, House Rabbit Handbook: How to Live with an Urban Rabbit, caring for your rabbit’s coat is of utmost priority.

The book recommends the use of a slicker brush. It is because slicker brushes are great for removing knots, mats, and tangles in the coat.

 American fuzzy lops are long-haired rabbits. It means that they are likely to have these unwanted hairy situations.

 It is up to you, the pet owner, to brush them to help them keep their coat as clean as possible and free your pet from burrs, mats, or stickers. Like all other rabbits, Fuzzy lops love to stay clean, and thus, they will also groom themselves from time to time.

By brushing down your pet’s fuzzy lop, you also reduce the likelihood of having loose hairs stuck in your rabbit’s stomach or digestive system after they’ve had a good lick. (source)

How To Take Care Of Shedding?

Your American fuzzy lop will also undergo a shed. If you hadn’t noticed, the American fuzzy lop’s coat would be harvestable wool. It means you can use it to make yarn. The slicker brush is also a great tool to help you brush the coat during their shed. 

You can also use a rubber brush. Not only that, but you can also try out a flea comb. Some rabbits tend to love flea combs. Since the American fuzzy lop is a long-haired breed, many professional pet groomers recommend that you brush them daily.

Their coats can get easily entangled if it’s not well-maintained. At this point, you’ll have no other choice but to visit a professional groomer to get all the tangles out.

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How About Matting?

If your fuzzy lop has some matting, use a mat splitter. It would be best not to use scissors because rabbits have very delicate skin. Using scissors increases the likelihood of you accidentally nicking your beloved pet. (source)

If scissors are required, get a pair with a blunt nose. This way, you don’t pull the fur when trimming it down. Also, make sure that you keep the rabbit’s skin very flat.

Specialists recommend that you take your time during this part of the grooming process. It takes time and patience to complete.

How To Clip Your American Fuzzy Lop’s Toenails

As shared earlier, the grooming process also involves toenail clipping. Toenail clipping every month is a wise practice. When cutting your fuzzy lop’s toenails, you want to cut them short.

However, you also want to avoid any tissues or veins present in the nails. It is the main thing when it comes to toenail clipping. If your fuzzy lop has black toenails, you can use a flashlight to identify the main parts with nerves.

You don’t want to traumatize your fuzzy lop with a painful memory associated with toenail clippers.

If you cut the toenail and there’s some bleeding, always have some styptic powder. It should help you to stop the bleeding. Nevertheless, be careful with the clippers and the length of the nail you’ll be cutting off.

Why Cutting The Toenail Is Important?

You may wonder why you should cut your fuzzy lop’s toenails. Well, the toenails can grow extremely long. Because of this, they quickly get caught in the carpet, cage wire, or any other material with the same potential.

When they get caught, they break and bleed. Not only does bleeding sound extremely painful, but it also brings some unwanted issues such as infections. The bacteria can then penetrate the rabbit’s bony tissues and cause diseases.

Another thing that professionals do not recommend is declawing rabbits. It carries a high infection risk for your fuzzy lop, not just the American fuzzy lop but also other rabbit breeds across the board.

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What If There Are Fleas Or Fur Mites?

As long as your fuzzy lop tastes the outdoors from time to time, there is a probability that they will pick up fleas or fur mites. You will require a specialized grooming process with specialized parasite products.

Fleas and mites are parasites. With the help of anti-flea or anti-mite products, you can quickly eliminate them. Usually, you can administer these products in three ways:

  • Spraying onto your fuzzy lop
  • Pouring the powder onto your fuzzy lo
  • Oral intake

Things To Remember Before Using Products

Always check with your vets if you are unsure which product or brand fits your pet.

When applying the powder-type product, you start from the neck and work your way downwards. After every inch of a section, you put some on. Please make sure you work it into the skin so that it doesn’t blast into the air.

Do not powder your fuzzy lop’s face. Use the powder alongside a flea comb just for the added benefit. When it’s warm, and your fuzzy lops tend to be outside, do this every week or twice a week. It depends on how much time they spend outdoors.

Professional groomers also do not recommend using a flea bath on your fuzzy lop rabbit at any age. Elderly rabbits tend to go into shock when presented with a bath situation.

How To Spot Clean Your American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit

When you talk of spot cleaning, it refers to cleaning specific areas on your fuzzy lop’s body. These spot areas include the ears and the underside. These areas also require specific cleaning products or tools.

 When cleaning your fuzzy lop’s ears, you use products with an otic chlorhexidine solution. This solution dissolves wax buildup. It is why it is suitable for ear cleaning.

This solution can use cotton and the product to help clean the wax. Be sure not to push the wax up into the ear canal.

When cleaning your fuzzy lop’s underside, you can shampoo the area. Make sure you have running lukewarm tap water ready for a rinse. Put your fuzzy lop’s rear end first under the tap or faucet when rinsing.

Ensure that the feet remain dry and only a tiny area gets wet.

How To Half-Bath Your Rabbit?

If your fuzzy lop has had a rough day and it ended up soiling its rear end, you can use a half bath as a last resort to help them clean up. It is the last resort if it is terrible. You want the waist and everything else down submerged in water.

You can then shampoo and rinse as normal and thoroughly towel dry. Please make sure the Lops have no moist or wet areas on them. Since fuzzy lops are tiny, they should be reasonably straightforward.

If your fuzzy lop has any wet spots, such as their feet, they are susceptible to infections after the half bath because their skin is exposed.

Sometimes, you can use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process. You want the rabbits to be dry as soon as possible. Since the hairdryer isn’t very loud, your fuzzy lop can handle the sound. It won’t confuse them or cause them too much distress.

Always keep the hairdryer on medium heat. You don’t want to burn your beloved fuzzy lop rabbit accidentally.

The Importance Of Grooming 

It would help if you groomed your beloved fuzzy lop. They are pets, requiring your love and care to ensure they are at peak health throughout their lives.

Grooming prevents infections and the gathering of parasites and keeps your fuzzy lop comfortable. They have their fair share of unwanted problems as a long-haired breed, such as matting on their rear side and undercoat.

Not only that, but consistently grooming your fuzzy lop makes this a bonding experience. When you make a habit of brushing, your fuzzy lop will look forward to those times, and it becomes a bonding moment for the two of you. (source)

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Times Should I Brush My American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit?

It would be best to brush your fuzzy lop daily. The rabbits are a long-haired breed that requires daily brushing to avoid unwanted hair situations such as tangling and matting. Daily brushing is also cost-effective because you don’t need to visit a groomer to help you untangle the coat.

Do Rabbits Need To Have A Bath?

No. Rabbits are meticulous clean freaks and will not require a bath. However, a half bath is doable if your rabbit has had a sick episode where they had diarrhea and soiled themselves. However, you must use the right shampoo products and dry them thoroughly to avoid infections. You can towel dry them or use a hairdryer on medium heat settings.


Grooming your American Fuzzy Lop is possible in the comfort of your home. It is also essential for pet owners to groom them because they are long-haired breed. It is cost-effective, and it is also a way for you and your fuzzy lop to bond.

We would love to hear from you and how this grooming guide helped you and your fuzzy lop. Be sure to leave a comment, and good luck to you and your fuzzy lop.

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