How much are mini lops? We Find Out.

How Much Are Mini Lop Eared Rabbits? We Find Out!

Wondering how much are mini lop rabbits? You’re in the right place. Mini Lop Eared rabbits are one of the cutest creatures and the most amazing bunnies in the world. They are preferred animals for pets in many countries.  What does it cost to have one of them?  We are going to find out for you!

Mini Lop Eared Rabbits’ average price in the United States is between $35 to $100. For show-quality rabbits, it can reach $400, depending on the breeder.  The price depends on the origin, intended purpose for the animal, and the seller’s qualities.

According to the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), Mini Lops are the most commonly sold breeds in the UK.  An interesting statistic for 2018 displays that from approximately 3500 online sale rabbit adverts, 94,5% come from England. (1)  The rates in other countries, such as the US and Australia, are also considerably high.  However, before considering the price, you should ask yourself what you want a Mini Loop Eared rabbit for in the first place.  Once you decide, you can buy it at a suitable price and enjoy owning one of the most incredible animals on Earth.

How Much Are Mini Lop Rabbits? Here Are The Prices According To The Purpose

The prices of Mini Lop Eared Rabbits vary according to their demand on the market.  If the purpose of buying the bunny is to breed it for a pet, then the prices will not be so high.  If the aim is to breed a Mini Lop for exhibitions or show competitions, then the prices will jump significantly. The average cost of a Mini Lop in the US, in the first case, starts from anywhere between $20 and $35 to $100. Rabbits bred for show-off reach up to $400. (2)

The next essential step is to make sure that you can keep the rabbit.  You pay the bunny once, but the expenses for its breeding last its entire lifetime.  For a start, you have to spend additionally about $90 for a cage, $30 for a carrier, and $25 for a litter bag. (3) Expenses for supplies and health care are yet to come.  Experts also recommend including vet insurance against major rabbit diseases. 

Mini Lops For Pets

The cost depends on your vision for your future pet. Whether you just want to have a cheap and fluffy pet or something more. The range between $20 to $100 is wide enough for every choice.  Logically, the cheapest Mini Lops are usually fed unhealthy, with food additives or GMO’s to expedite their growing.  The purpose is only commercial, with no guarantees for their health and life expectancy.

If you prefer to breed a more purebred animal, sleek, and with no medical issues, you would look at the higher prices of around $100.  These pets would definitely, be provided with some origin background, diet information, and the necessary vaccination documents.  However, many pet shops or private breeders do not belong to any official organizations or associations, such as the American Rabbit Breeders Association, or the British Rabbit Council, who can verify this information.  

Mini Lops For Show

For a show-quality or premier class Mini Lop Eared rabbit, prices begin from $100 to $400.  The cost depends on the pedigree, the blood’s purity, and the bunny’s health condition.  Medical check-ups history, vaccinations, and the availability of pet insurance increase the financial value.  Finally, yet importantly, the reputation of the breeder also plays a significant role in pricing. It is equivalent to the brand of reputable companies.

The best way to obtain an excellent quality Mini Lop in the US is to contact American Rabbit Breeders Association and US Mini Lop Rabbit Club or visit their websites.  They provide lists of reputable breeders all over the country.  Then you can quickly contact the preferred breeder in your area.  Breeders provide information about the quality of their breeds, the prices, and any other expenses.  They guarantee their products.  

How much are mini lop rabbits? That depends who you buy them from and their pedigree.
A cute mini lop rests.

Prices According To The Origin

The pure bloodline is very important when buying a Mini Lop, especially if you plan to grow it for show-off.  The more purebred a rabbit is, the more expensive it is.  Of course, the breeder should be able to verify its purity with a complete pedigree history.  You should also present the mother and the father of the bunny with their pedigree history. (2)  Parents having certificates and awards from reputable exhibitions, for example, guarantee the price you pay is worth it.

If you paid anywhere from $100 to $400 for a show-quality Mini Lop, you would not want to vitiate the breed’s purity.  If you decide to reproduce the breed, make sure you find the same or better quality partner for your bunny.  Be careful; kindred spoil the blood.  Consult with a vet before taking such a step.  

Qualities Of The Seller

Mini Lop rabbits can be purchased from many sellers, like many other pets or domestic animals.  Your choice will likely be among the pet shops, county fairs, 4-H clubs, or private certified breeders.  Another option is to adopt a bunny from a rabbit rescue organization.  The qualities of all the sellers above are different; that is why the prices vary.

Adopting a rabbit from a rescue organization may cost between $5 and $20.  Fairs, 4-H clubs, and pet shops offer similar prices, up to $40.(4)  Rescue shelters are perfect for purchasing a bunny if you do not mind its breed, pedigree, diet, and health condition.  At fairs, 4-H clubs, and pet stores, you can discuss this information with sellers.  However, they cannot provide reliable guarantees.

Private breeders are the most reliable sellers.  They breed animals professionally and are certified for this job.  The majorities of them are members of relevant recognized organizations and have a reputation.  They provide quality and guarantee for it.  That is why their prices start anyway from $50 – $100 up to $400 for show-quality Mini Lops. (4) 

A young mini lop is shown.
A young mini lop is shown.

Mini Lop Costs FAQ

How Much Does Healthcare For Mini Lops Cost? 

Veterinarians recommend spaying or neutering your rabbit, which will cost anyway between $125 and $250.  You should also consider paying between $35 and $65 for an annual regular medical check-up with your vet.  Additionally, you have to anticipate an amount of several hundred dollars for emergencies or illnesses.  For major illnesses, such as ileus or tooth issues, Pet insurances are available, reflecting on your budget. (4)  

How Much Do Rabbit Supplies Cost?

Mini Lops, just like any other rabbits, needs supplies, such as bedding, food, treats, and chew toys. Of course, they are expendable and need to be replaced regularly.  The average price for a rabbit for food, bedding, treats, and toys is about $40 per month.  This amount can vary, depending on what kind of supplies you buy or grow (make) for your bunny. (4)  If you grow vegetables or make toys by yourself, this amount can decrease.  

How Much Does a Cage Cost?

A good, proper-sized rabbit cage in the US can be purchased anyway from $50 to $100, in case you decide to keep your pet indoors.  In case you prefer to breed it outside, you will need a solid rabbit hutch.  A durable hutch, suitable for harsh weather conditions, costs about $150 – $200.  Another option that would lower the price is to make it yourself.

Are There Any Other Expenses?

Other expenses than the indispensable ones can always come up.  For example, you can expect to spend money for grooming and trimming a rabbit’s nails and teeth.  Fur care is also essential.  Consider some expenses for furniture, carpets, or wire repair if your pet has access to them. (4).  You should also anticipate about $400 per year for rubbish. (3)

Do I Need To Hire a Pet Sitter When I Am Away?

Mini Lops, just any other rabbits, need daily care and fresh supplies, food, and water.  Therefore, leaving them without supervision for more than 24 hours is not recommendable.  It is a good idea to plan expenses for a Pet Sitter if you are going to leave your home for a vacation or business trip.  Another opportunity is to bring your bunny to a Boarding facility for a standard fee per day.  The cheapest, and sometimes the best option, is to ask a relative, friend, or neighbor to look after your rabbit while you are away. (5)

The Last Thought On Mini Lop Cost (To Buy)

Mini Lop Eared rabbits are one of the most incredible creatures on Earth.  They are excellent for both being adorable pets and competitors in purebred exhibitions.  Their prices vary from $20 to $400, depending on their qualities and the purpose you want to buy a Mini Lop.  Their value also depends on their pedigree and the qualities and reputation of the seller.  To this cost, you should consider expenses for a cage, supplies, medical care and insurance, grooming and fur care, as well as minor home repairs and litter collection.

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