The Best Dwarf Rabbit Bedding Types for The Health of Your Pet

Best dwarf rabbit bedding you ask? Well, the dwarf rabbit is one of the most miniature breeds of rabbits on the planet. There are over 60 rabbit breeds for pet owners to choose from in most countries where rabbits find themselves kept as pets. The dwarf rabbit is famous because of its size and overall cuteness. It stays the same size, from a bunny to an adult rabbit. However, do you know if the dwarf rabbit needs special bedding? If so, what is the best dwarf rabbit bedding type you should use that won’t be harmful to your pet’s health?

The care of these small hyperactive rabbits is what is carefully considered by pet owners. We recommend that pet owners carefully research and consult professionals on how to care for a dwarf rabbit. 

One crucial part of a dwarf rabbit’s care is the bedding. It may seem simple; new pet owners may liken having a rabbit to the same as having a cat or dog. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, rabbits find themselves classified as exotic pets. 

Therefore, new pet owners should consider all the factors that make rabbits significantly different from what we regard as typical household pets. 

On the matter of rabbit bedding, this article aims at aiding dwarf rabbit owners to understand how they can keep their rabbits healthy and prosper by creating a conducive environment for their rabbits.

Dwarf Rabbit Behavior And How It Affects Their Bedding

A black and white Netherland Dwarf rabbit is shown sitting in some grass in this file photo.
A Netherland Dwarf sits in the grass. It looks like it’s a little trouble-maker, doesn’t it?

For first-time pet owners, it is vital to know that the dwarf rabbit’s behavior and the rabbit’s bedding are correlating factors. It means that there is a mutual relationship between these two aspects. A dwarf rabbit’s behavior will indicate how they react to their bedding. 

Furthermore, dwarf rabbits have different behaviors depending on their gender. You may find that female dwarf rabbits are more relaxed, calm, and collected, while male dwarf rabbits are more on the aggressive side of things when threatened. 

In terms of bedding behavior, dwarf rabbits have a habit of chewing random things. It is in this situation that they are left unsupervised. Therefore, because of this likely to happen behavior, you want to provide your dwarf rabbit with something they can chew on and sleep on at the same time. 

Most importantly, they instinctively chew on things. They must face no risk of being harmed by any present toxic chemicals. 

What Is The Best Dwarf Rabbit Bedding?

The best dwarf rabbit bedding is safe for rabbits to chew and even ingest.
Dwarf rabbits love to chew, like any rabbit. So ensure the bedding is rabbit safe!

The American Rabbit Breeders Association shares how rabbit bedding works. First things first, if you are using a wire bottom cage, rabbit bedding is unnecessary. It is because typical rabbit bedding won’t hold due to the spacing of the wires. 

Most likely, you will have bedding everywhere in your house or the room or space where you will be keeping your rabbit. It is inefficient. Kindly take that critical fact into account. 

When it comes to the best bedding, we recommend using hay, straw, wood chips, or shavings. Of course, this is in cages with a completely solidified base. 

Another thing to consider highly is that these bedding materials are easily attainable and cheap. They won’t inconvenience owners. Furthermore, if you are looking at wood chips as a form of bedding, the size of the chips and the type of wood the chips are significant. 

Some wood negatively affects a rabbit’s health, especially for such a tiny rabbit breed as a dwarf rabbit that is highly fragile. For example, Cedar wood is harmful to rabbits because it causes issues in their upper respiratory system. 

How Do You Store Dwarf Rabbit Bedding? 

According to the Animal Welfare Association, rabbit bedding should be kept in a cool, dry place free from moisture. Furthermore, the regulations stated by the AWA state that You should store the bedding in an area free from any form of vermin contamination or infestation. 

If the bedding gets contaminated with mites or mold, they can give the rabbit ear mites, which travel to the inner ear and cause an imbalance in your pet rabbit. In the case of mold, it can infect the rabbit’s upper respiratory system, which is highly contagious to other rabbits. 

Pet owners should also consider how they store their pet rabbit’s bedding. If stored incorrectly, it can cause unwanted diseases and infections that will endanger your fragile dwarf rabbit. 

Ensure that you have followed the regulations stated by the AWA as well as those mentioned by the manufacturing company that made the bedding you procured. It is in the case that you bought the bedding in a pet store or something close to that. 

What Bedding Do You Use When Traveling With Your Dwarf Rabbit? 

Pet owners may be wondering what type of bedding they should use when traveling with their dwarf rabbit. The AWA regulations, also known as the Animal Welfare Association, do a great job in outlining the enclosure types and not necessarily bedding. 

You could conclude that using a cage or any form of efficient enclosure that has enough space and ventilation is ideal. Furthermore, the pen should not pose any harm to the rabbit. It should also be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before any use of travel. 

If you want to include bedding, if you are traveling a long-distance trip with your dwarf rabbit, be sure to include bedding that is entirely non-toxic to your pet. The rabbit might choose to nibble on something. You need to ensure that it won’t affect the rabbit’s overall health while in the carrier. 

The regulations set by the AWA are not to consider a control measure but rather a preventive measure that will help you keep your pet dwarf rabbit alive. 

How Do You Clean Dwarf Rabbit Bedding? 

You cannot necessarily clean dwarf rabbit bedding. The only thing you can clean is the cage. The American Rabbit Breeders Association explains that you should change rabbit beddings as much as possible. It is because the bedding tends to get wet and dirty with time. 

It is the perfect environment for bacteria to dwell in, and it may pose a threat to your tiny little dwarf rabbit. Since dwarf rabbits tend to use their bedding a lot, they may even chew on it instinctively, and we recommend that pet owners change it weekly. 

The only thing that you can clean about a dwarf rabbit’s bedding is the cage. The cage needs repeated cleaning. It is to remove any possible bacteria or viruses that may be dwelling due to the constant use of the cage. 

What Do Dwarf Rabbits Love To Sleep On? 

A rabbit snoozes on a person's bed.
Okay, this may not be a Dwarf Rabbit, but have you seen a cuter rabbit relaxing in bed?

So far, we mentioned bedding that is good for dwarf rabbits and not necessarily what they want. However, sometimes what you want isn’t something you need. Nevertheless, your dwarf rabbit will be sure to let you know their preferences as you spend more time with them. 

So, what do dwarf rabbits love to sleep on in their pen? They love to sleep on something soft and comfortable. Who doesn’t like soft blankets? Nevertheless, should you choose to give your rabbit a soft blanket, it may not be the best choice. It is because blankets contain toxic chemicals that may be harmful to your dwarf rabbit’s health. 

As shared earlier, dwarf rabbits have their behaviors, and one such behavior is that they nibble, eat, and try to digest their bedding. As pet owners, you can’t stop this, and it’s instinctual. The keyword mentioned was try because a dwarf rabbit’s digestive system doesn’t have the digestive juices capable of digesting artificial things. 

They are rabbits, not robots. Give your rabbit bedding choices that they love and feel comfortable with so your pet is happy and healthy. You can try out different types of beddings shared above to get a feel of what your rabbit likes and decide on whether or not you can move forward with it. 

The Conclusion to a Dwarf Rabbit’s Bedding

Dwarf rabbits are small and fragile, so younger children can’t keep them because they are then prone to injuries. It isn’t the child’s fault but a matter of unfavorable circumstances. 

As part of caring for dwarf rabbits as a pet in an indoor setting, it is essential to remember that bedding is an excellent way to ensure your rabbit’s comfort. It may be optional to some pet owners, but it’s an excellent investment for your dwarf rabbit in the long run. 

The best dwarf rabbit bedding ranges from hay, and straw to wood chips. It’s alright to test and try out different beddings but keep it clean and avoid Cedar wood chips.  They tend to affect the upper respiratory system of dwarf rabbits. 

Pet owners should also be careful with how they store the bedding. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to keep the bedding. If those instructions are unclear, the AWA specifies that you should store rabbit bedding in a cool and dry place away from any bacteria-prone surfaces and spaces. 

Remember, you cannot clean that dwarf rabbit bedding; you must change it weekly. You must, however, wash your pet rabbit’s cage consistently to protect the bunny from any harmful bacteria that may be lurking. 

Finally, take care of your dwarf rabbit by giving them the best bedding that they love and bedding good for them. 

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