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Cotton Tail Guide is brought to you by the love for Rabbits.

Cotton Tail Guide was created by Jeremy Shantz and Christine Valitutti out of their passion for furry, long-eared creatures. Both have kept rabbits for many years and have a devoted passion for the furry friends. Learn with Christine and Jeremy as they take you on an adventure into the world of rabbits.

Jeremy Shantz

Meet our co-author

Jeremy Shantz

Entrepreneur , Blogger, Photographer

Jeremy is a business owner, writer, photographer, entrepreneur, musician and generally decent chap. He loves animals, the outdoors and writing about the many interests in his life. Trained in Web Development, Jeremy spends his days operating Farm 6 Media, a content creation company. Spearheading multiple websites, Jeremy loves the travel lifestyle, boating, dogs, rabbits, reptiles, music and just about everything this life has to offer. 

Jeremy driving a boat near Orillia, Ontario.

Meet our co-author

Christine Valitutti, CCP

Designer , Wanderer , Blogger
Christine Valitutti
Christine Valitutti in a canoe with Jeremy Shantz

Christine is one of those kind souls always helping out animals every chance she gets. An avid adventurer and writer, Christine spends her free time researching and writing about animals and when not at the keyboard she’s out boating or taking out the dog on a long hike.

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